University Press #3, First Reader (2)

First Reader, Second ReportBerkeley, California, November 2010

I’ve reviewed the Horowitz ms again; and while he didn’t make all the changes I suggested (it is his book after all, and not mine), he did attend to a number of the issues I brought up. I still think the book could do with a bit more rigorous theorizing, but as it stands it does engage in an interesting conversation with the issues. I also like the writing, though some may find it a bit too self-conscious.

I revisited my opinion on the Baudelaire chapter. I still think it is out of character for the book—but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good work—simply an odd fit. Others may think differently. It isn’t so jarring that it puts me off the entire argument; I just don’t think the move is set up particularly well relative to the rest of the book.

I’m still a bit puzzled as to how he can refuse to discuss In Memoriam in a chapter about Tennyson and progress, even if it is ostensibly about industrialism as the metonymy of progress. Given the Darwin, Spencer, and Harrison presence in the early part of the MS, I would think there would be something more on IM. However, as I say, it is not my book, and his choices must stand.

Overall, I say it is publishable and should proceed to the next reviewer.